A few comments from Tim Stevens
regarding Ann Mason:

As I grow older I am often confronted with the fact that more and more people who I have known for years, die.  We all know that death is ‘a given’ for all of us, but even though Ann Mason was not a person who died at a very early age, I and apparently many others, were shocked to learn of Ann’s death. It just seemed like Ann would be with us always.  Her smile, her humor, her incredible loyalty, dedication and passion to the Black & White Reunion and our Racial Justice Summit were legendary. She demonstrated that loyalty as well to ASALH, the Association for the Study of African American Life and History. She was working on the ASALH website with her daughter Arianna merely hours before she died.

Ann Mason and MajorShe strongly supported the Thomas Merton Center as well.

Her commitment and dedication to her husband, Major Mason, was quite admirable.  Ann Mason was just a very good person, one who made us all feel better. She was truly “one of a kind”.  I have a hole in my heart!