Listen. Learn. Be Accountable.

What would a world look like where everyone was treated as if they belonged?

The 21st Pittsburgh Racial Justice Summit, formerly the Summit Against Racism, in partnership with Union Project, is hosting the 3rd Annual Racial Justice Town HallThe Racial Justice Town Hall is an intimate forum providing space for dialogue between elected officials, community leaders, and members.

The theme of this year’s Summit is, Moving Forward Together: An Honest Confrontation & Resource for an Anti-Racist Community. The topic is Reckoning, Reconciliation, and Repair. We hope to emphasize those points in our conversations during the Town Hall and at the Summit.

Join the discussion, hear what elected officials and their offices are doing to change policies that continually disadvantage the most marginalized community members. Learn from community leaders and organizers what you can do to dismantle systems of oppression that are intentional and exist by design within our city, county, and statewide.

It is also an opportunity for those unable to attend the 21st Summit to participate and, for those who can, to continue the dialogue on Saturday, January 26, 2019, at the 21st Pittsburgh Racial Justice Summit.

Thank you to our political representatives, community leaders, and greater Pittsburgh community for attending the second annual Racial Justice Town Hall at Union Project. Over 200 people attended!